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I like my body because I can love you with bigger part. I have baby-face but also have thick lips which make my impression a mix of innocent and sexy. But when you find a flooding spring in my down there, I can’t hide the truth that I’m dirty inside…

Personally I like my fair skin a lot. It is very smooth especially on my thighs and butts where you have free access to. I also like my almond-shaped eyes to look at you passionately. I have lived in Canada for a couple of years and kept studying English after that. I really enjoy talking with people from other countries. When I see you maybe I would ask too much about you, but it’s all because I’m curious of your story. Tell me what you have seen in your life.

I think I have a unique background here - I have worked for a major company. So I can kind of tell how you feel like when you are overwhelmed with your job. It is true that I’m here to make you feel good sexually, but I want to be more than that- I want to heal you from hard days. No matter if you are on business or not, I will make your night unforgettable. I’m dirty in bed… I like to tease you, but also like to be teased. You can hear my moan especially when you use pink-rotor on me. It’s been not long since I started working here, but I got many praises on my bj. I want you to feel my soft lips on your delicate part. I will truly enjoy the time with you. I want to spend time together as if we are in love with. Now you want to see me? Let’s have the sweetest time you have ever experienced.